Increasing Choices and Responsibilities

At a pivotal time in their lives, middle school students long for a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment with caring teachers to guide them to success. Harvester Christian Academy provides this type of community and nurtures life-long relationships.

A primary goal of our middle school program is to prepare students to take ownership of increased academic preparation, develop effective study and organizational skills, and become more personally involved in their own education.

Curriculum highlights include accelerated programs of study in mathematics and Spanish which enable students to begin earning high school credit, a field trip to Washington D.C., and a variety of elective courses.

In addition, weekly chapel is led by a combination of students, faculty, staff, and local speakers. Alternating chapel gatherings with small groups provides a good balance and a safe place for spiritual conversation and growth.

"My existence was not random, nor was it an accident. God knew who He was creating, and He designed me for a specific work." [Ephesians 2:10]
~ Francis Chan
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Meet Our Team

Chaney Billips
Jeremy Brostrom
English, History
Roy Brown
Middle School Dean
Ingrid Carter
Bible, Computer, Science
Shelley Garrett
Tahni Gerstenberger
Bridget Linares
Lavern McGhie
Math Support
Tunisia Osborne
Health/Physical Education
Dianne Reynolds
English, Speech
Ingrid Salinas
Garth Yarnall
Bible, Math