Annual Fund Gifts Help Us to be Extraordinary

Giving to HCA's Annual Fund truly allows our school community to SOAR in many ways!

As we all know, one of the goals at Harvester Christian Academy is to keep tuition costs affordable for all of our families.

The majority of independent schools across the country rely on annual fund giving to bridge the gap between what tuition covers (about 80%) and what it often doesn't cover (the other 20%).

With your gifts to the Annual Fund, HCA is able to supplement and enhance the quality of our learning environment. Contact our Head of School to donate...every single gift makes a difference!
The key to life is not accumulation. It's contribution.

~ Stephen Covey
Q. What is the HCA Annual Fund?
A. Our Annual Fund gives HCA families and friends a way to enrich the educational experiences of the students at Harvester. The gifts to this fund cover resources and opportunities beyond the basic educational costs covered by tuition. It provides state-of-the-art technology and other classroom resources, modern equipment and supplies for our labs, renovations and updates to our campus, much needed resources for our fine arts and athletic programs, and gifts for tuition assistance.
Q. How does HCA use the Annual Fund gifts?
A. In preparation for each fiscal year, our administration works alongside our faculty and staff in order to determine and prioritize needs for the upcoming school year. Gifts to the Annual Fund are used for these necessities.
Q. Is my gift to the HCA Annual Fund tax deductible?
A. Yes! Because Harvester Christian Academy is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, gifts made to the School qualify for a tax deduction. You will want to consult your tax advisor to take advantage of this deduction as well as the Georgia GOAL Tax Credit (click here for info).
Q. Who gives to the HCA Annual Fund?
A. HCA receives Annual Fund support from parents, grandparents, administrators, faculty and staff, board members, friends of the School, and foundations.
Q. Why is it important to give to the HCA Annual Fund?
A. As part of the many people who belong to the HCA community, you show your support of HCA and its mission of "training minds to lead and hearts to serve" with each gift. Harvester Christian Academy continues to grow and improve because of your contributions to the Annual Fund each year.